Provisional Information

5th February - 8th March 2013
opening Tuesday 5th February 5:30 - 8:00pm

Anna Barham
Tom Benson
Bettina Buck
Will Holder & Robert Ashley
Ian Law
Sara MacKillop
Francesco Pedraglio
David Raymond Conroy
Dexter Sinister
Cally Spooner

Provisional Information is an exhibition that considers ideas around material change, incompleteness, reworking, contradiction, and restlessness, and what such notions might mean for an artist, their work, and a viewer. During the time of the show and over a longer duration the works will alter in different ways - materially, conceptually, and interpretively. The exhibition will include both new and existing video, painting, sculpture, writing, performance, work on paper, and a musical score.

A publication will accompany the exhibition, with texts by Gareth Bell-Jones, Gil Leung, and Laura McLean-Ferris.

There will be performances on the following dates:

Tuesday 5th February during the opening
Francesco Pedraglio

Friday 22nd February at 6:30
Anna Barham - Volume II

Tuesday 5th March from 6:00
Robert Ashley - Trios (White on White) I and II
David Raymond Conroy
possibly a rehearsal by Cally Spooner

Organised by Occasionals / Philomene Pirecki

Camberwell Space
Camberwell College of Arts
45 - 65 Peckham Road
London SE5 8UF